Renting Vs Owning A Home

Renting Home Vs Owning A Home; Tenant; Landlord; Toronto Home; Net Gain


Average rent in GTA suburb for 3 bedroom home is $2400/month plus utilities $300 per month. And additional tenant insurance $50 per month.

Renting a home costs $2750 per month and $33000 per year.


On the other hand, if you buy a townhome in GTA suburb of purchase price of $600000 with 10% down payment.

Your monthly mortgage will be $2500 plus $300 utilities, insurance $100 and taxes $300. Your monthly cost will be $3200.

$1200 of mortgage amount will go against your principal, which will be yearly 14,400. Average yearly appreciation 3%equals to $18000. When you minus renting cost $2750 from owning cost $3200.

Renting Vs Owning

You will be paying additional $450 per month and yearly $5400. Now, yearly home appreciation plus collected equity will be $18000 + $14400 = $32400. Minus difference from owning vs renting cost $5400.


You gross gain is $27,000 per year. If home improvement $5000. Net gain will be $22000 against your capital and closing cost ($60,000 + Land transfer tax $4000 + Closing cost $2000) $66,000.

Your net gain $22,000 and capital investment was $66000. Your yearly gain will be 33% while enjoying home ownership.

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